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Jeff & Sheree
brother / sister


     We believe our customers are individuals, worthy of a style all their own.

Continuing an Old Town tradition in the former Lakeshore Barber shop, we’ve renovated the site to give it a more contemporary feel while maintaining the good vibe left behind by the former proprietors, Ike and Darlene. Our objective: focus solely on men’s haircuts, neck shaves and beard trims in whatever style desired, be it current or classic.

     We grew up, my brothers and I, getting our hair trimmed by the same barber, which meant we all looked identical exiting the shop. As the sole sister, I did not find this amusing.  Fast forward to the present, my brother Jeff and I now stand on the other side of the chair with 22 years of experience between us. Through observation and experience we know the current styles, share experience in past trends and want our clients to feel good about the way they look today. We believe in taking our time, offering a detailed cut at a reasonable rate that allows our clients the flexibility to come back more often than they may have in the past.


     If you'd like to bring in a picture, bring it in!  We want to give you the hairstyle you want, not the one your mom thought you should have when you were seven.

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